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Monday, October 26, 2009

Whales Whales and More Whales !!

As much as they are huge in size, whales are considered to be harmless to Humans. The most fierce of them all could be considered the Killer Whale, but, have proven to be harmless to humans and intelligent enough to perform to an audience while in captivity. The most famous of them all probably is Keiko - the Killer Whale from the movie "Free Willy".

The Largest of them all is the Blue whale and is considered the largest animal ever to live on earth. Ain't we lucky to have them around today as the Dinosaurs are long gone??

The Beluga's are probably the cutest of them all - a bit larger than a Dolphin. Dolphin's are the smallest kind of Whales that are around.

Also Majestic are the Sperm Whales, though not exactly what the name would suggest..

The Grey's are another set of whales famously found on the west coast of American Continent.

 The Whale Shark is probably the more Eye Catching one of them all because of the size and the white dots - but not as cute as a Dolphin or a Beluga one might say :)

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